This post gives you various domain name examples that cover a variety of businesses and personal websites. You also learn about the criteria used to create this sampling of domain names.

Picking the right domain name for your website could make or break your business efforts. Read through the domain examples below and then check out the five simple rules when choosing your domain name.


Domain Name Examples List

Here is your domain name examples list created just for this post. Therefore, some of them are probably still available for purchase. As you read through them, see if you can get a feel for why these examples would make for a great website location.



Domain Name Criteria

When choosing a domain name, there are some simple criteria that you should be considering. Following these simple rules can help ensure that the domain name chosen is something your customers always remember.

  1. Keep it short
  2. Make it memorable.
  3. Make it easy to spell
  4. Try to align it with your brand
  5. Use only letters


Keep it Short

The shorter your domain name is, the greater your chances are for someone remembering it later. People’s working memory can retain approximately 7-8 pieces of info at one time. That is why phone numbers are only seven digits. If you use 2-4 words for a website name, you add to your chances of someone remembering it later.


Make it Memorable

When you create something clever, it becomes more memorable. You won’t get stuck trying to recall the website you and your friend were talking about last week. If you can relate to the name, you will remember it easier.


Make it Easy to Spell

If you can’t spell a domain name, it won’t matter that you remember the name. So make sure you pick words that everybody will be able to spell. Don’t get “cute” with spelling your name differently from the expected spelling.

For example, if you want to call your business Deep Creek Lodge and you spell the domain as, then people might not find your website (notice the letter “K” replaced the letter “C”). Or worse, they could go to your competitor’s website instead. There is an exception. If the domain name is your Brand, then it’s ok to use different spelling. You will have to ensure that you educate and market your brand properly. You will want to make sure everyone knows that the website name is spelled differently than expected.


Try To Align with Your Brand

If you are building a business around a Brand, then try to match your domain name with your Brand. Then marketing your Brand, and the Business, all working in concert together.

For example, if your name is Petra and you sell the best Pierogis around, then branding your product into your domain name would be PetrasPierogis.COM.


Use Only Letters

Unless your business name has numbers within the name, avoid using them. Especially avoid using numbers to replace words, like “4” instead of “for.” People might not think of typing in the number instead of the word “for.”

Also, do not use dashes because it’s difficult to remember to place dashes in the correct locations. For example, if you wanted the domain and it’s taken, do NOT go with a domain name with dashes like It’s not only difficult to remember, but it’s also difficult to type out. Try type that domain name out on a mobile device.

Additional Criteria to Consider

  1. Avoid domains names closely matching existing domains.
    1. You don’t want people to go to a competitors website accidentally
  2. Choose a domain extension to match your business, organization, or blog.
    1. Target your domain extensions specifically for a business, a non-profit, or just for fun. Make sure you match your website extension to go along with your brand. For example, .COM’s are the original extension. The .COM’s are for all types of websites. .ORG’s are for non-profits. .YOGA is a specialized domain extension.
    2. Check out this link to a listing of available domain name extensions.
  3. Don’t just get the .NET if the .COM is not available.
    1. If the .COM you want is not available its better find a specialty domain extension instead of getting the .NET of the same name. You will need to educate your customers to know your website is at BodyMindStretching.YOGA instead of .COM
  4. Consider getting the .COM to match the specialty domain extension
    1. If you decide to go with a specialty domain extension, get the .COM as well. By doing this, you are protecting your brand. You are preventing a competitor from purchasing the .COM with the same name and now you are competing for traffic.
    2. You can redirect the .COM to go to your .YOGA domain.


Picking a good domain name will help you think about your business. The domain name examples and guidelines in this post will give you a great start for your domain name search.

Feel free to search and purchase any of the domains in this post.

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